The data generator that you‘ll enjoy using

Wolebase makes it easy and reliable to generate fake data using your database, for your database.

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Sync. Choose. Generate.

Design and build realistic data with Wolebase features.

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Sync your databases. Add your database to analyze your schema.

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Choose the generators that best suit your needs and data structure.

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Generate your fake realistic data. Get thousands of fake data.


Control and Visualize your generation

Wolebase desktop is the easiest way to add, assign and manipulate your generation model on your databases in one place.

Understand your generations by testing the generators on each of your columns and see the results in real time.

Take advantage of an automatic backup system so that you don‘t have to redo every move.

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Integrate in your development process.

Build your new development workflow by removing unnecessary processes and keeping all your tools in one place.

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Designed to fit your stack

Whatever your language, whatever your way of working. Wolebase will work with you on your projects of all kinds.

A generation model you can read

The generation Wolebase template lets you declare your generation specifications in a clear and human readable way.

Easy integration in your project

Inspired by the integrations of your favorite tools, simply add a specification file to your project and let the CLI do the rest.

CI/CD and Continuous generation

Integrate your fake data generation into your pipeline so that you or your team no longer lack data for your applications.

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Speed up your generation with amazing feature

Stop scripting, automate your fake data generation.

Multiple generators

Take advantage of a wide range of generators. Each generator has been designed to best fit your data.

Automatic Backup

All your configurations are automatically saved so you don‘t have to and you don‘t lose any work.

Preview data

Always keep an eye on the result of your generation and observe in real time the changes on your generation.

Export output

Choose the way you want to receive your data. In CSV, JSON in SQL or directly injected in your database.

Constraint management

Generators have been designed to allow you to manage your database constraints like a generator to handle your foreign keys

Online & local

Wolebase has been designed to allow you to generate in both online and local target databases.

Change detection

At each launch, our system notifies you of changes in your database structure and update automatically to conform your schema.

Smart detection

Our generator detection helps you and limits errors by offering you only the possible generators for your database type.

Support SQL providers

Wolebase provides support for the three most important SQL providers so you can choose the one that suits you best.

Ready to generate ?

Wolebase helps you stay focused on the tasks that bring value to your product. No need to waste time with scripts, just use Wolebase.

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