We‘ve built and scaled Wolebase that will make you stop your scripts.

Our mission is to be the data generator that makes it easy for anyone to generate consistent data for different needs. We believe that today‘s developers spend too much time designing scripts or doing dozens of inserts to meet the data needs of applications.

Wolebase takes the time and effort out of data generation so that you can spend more time on your business and more time perfecting your website or application.

Whether you‘re building a web, desktop or mobile application, Wolebase tools help you build relevant and flexible datasets without having to create or design scripts. You can test your applications with realistic data, make presentations to your customers or test your services with overloaded databases!

Meet the founders

We are the founder, developer, designer and support team at Wolebase. Nice to meet you !

Nicolas - portrait of Co founder

Nicolas Venard

Co founder, Engineer & designer
Like challenge and 3D pyramid..
image of theo cofounder

Théo Oiry

Co founder, Rust Engineer & Data Engineer
Rust guru !